A contemporary custom opening design that features no overhead tracks to obscure the ceiling. The Sovereign opening solution can be used in all application types, made for both internal and external use. The Renlita Sovereign opening solution is a vertical lifting operating system that can be made in a variety of sizes and customizations.

Sovereigns can be made to fit for a custom door, window, or wall system.  Available in clear anodized aluminum or powder coated finish.  All hardware, tracks and components have matching finish providing an architectural appearance.

The Design


Design Specifications

Headroom Guidelines:

Panels            Headroom (inches)

2                             15 3/4″

4                             20 3/4″

6                             25 3/4″


Maximum Size: 14' x 12'

Makeup: Aluminum

Safety: Standard Renlita safety features

Operation: Manual or motorized

See more  specifications by visiting our design center.


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