S-500 Liftaway

S-500 Liftaway

The Renlita S-500 Liftaway opening solution is a single leaf counterweight balanced system offering versatility and customize-able features to exceed your design expectations. The S-500 is a vertical operating opening system, using counterweight balanced technology to ensure smooth operation and durability.

The S-500 opening is designed to rise into the ceiling structure or lower into the floor, which gives the user the versatility to accommodate their design and space requirements.

Constructed from structural steel sections, the S-500 Liftaway opening solution is a single leaf balanced system with counterweights that are located at each jamb. Vertical travel of the opening is controlled by multiple guide rollers that glide in operating channels mounted at each jamb. The S-500 is perfect for a design that requires vertical lifting doors, windows, and walls.

The Design

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Design Specifications

Maximum Size: 50' X 20'

Makeup: Steel

Safety: Standard Renlita safety features

Operation: Motor operator requires 110V, single phase, 8 amps; Manually operable

Cladding: Wood- Glass - Metal - Stone; Max thickness 4"; Max weight 15 lbs psf

Color Options: Powder Coating, Custom Color Matching

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