Trattoria II Mulino
Nashville, Tennessee

Renlita Distributor:
Southeast Partitions 


Located in Nashville’s growing downtown area, Trattoria Il Mulino offers a contemporary dining experience. Based off of the renowned Il Mulino restaurant in New York, Trattoria offers the right balance of traditional Italian ingredients and modern techniques.

When Trattoria was suffering security issues with their partitions in the patio dining area, the solution was to install Renlita openings around the area for a secure and aesthetically appealing perimeter. This project called for 25 Sovereign opening systems, used as bar top windows, and larger doors, as well as one S-1000 Floataway as a grand entryway into the restaurant. These vertical lifting doors, windows, and walls solved the security issue all while creating an open environment meant to draw customers in from the bustling downtown.