Clif Bar Headquarters


Clif Bar Headquarters
Emeryville, CA


ZGF Architects


Mckendry Door Sales


Clif Bar's slogan reads "Good Food Crafted With A Purpose" and it seems that the health foods company lives up to that purpose in every facet of their business. When transitioning their 107,000 SF office from a WWII valve manufacturing facility, into the inviting workspace it is now, they made sure to include only features that would serve a purpose, "From custom door pulls made from repurposed bike frames to the largest smart solar array in North America—which provides most of the office’s electricity needs—the adaptive reuse focuses on Clif Bar’s core values to sustain its brands, its business, its people, its community, and the planet." (-ZGF)

Clif Bar HQ includes an onsite theater that doubles as a meeting room, seating up to 350 people. The theater entrance is a custom build Renlita S-3000 opening custom cladded to include removable tiles that are engraved specially for each guest speaker.