Biedenharn Museum


Biedenharn Museum
Monroe, Louisiana


Paul F. Stewart


The Biedenharn Museum and Gardens is a home museum and botanical garden located beside the Ouachita River in Monroe, Louisiana. Otherwise known as The Coke Museum, it showcases two exhibit rooms full of Coca-Cola memorabilia and historical items including a collection of vintage signs and a Model T Coca-Cola delivery truck. The exhibits come to life in a replica soda fountain where a friendly soda jerk relates the fascinating story of the man who put Coca-Cola in a bottle for the first time — “Mr. Joe” Biedenharn.

Enclosing a restored Coca-Cole delivery truck with a red neon sign overheads, two Renlita Custom Opening S-3000 Foldaways open to bring the outside in during mild weather and close to provide security. Renlita was proud to be a part of restoring the family home of the founder of Coca-Cola.