Single Source

One design. One contract. One warranty. One point of contact

The construction process can be long and difficult to manage. With so many moving parts, it's important to have someone you can count on to take responsibility. With Renlita products, you get just that.


Provide a complete solution including engineering, finish, glass or cladding, installation, and service.

When you order a Renlita opening solution, you receive a full product. Our company will work with architects and project managers to make sure our vertical lifting doors, windows and walls are designed to your project specifications with our in-house engineering team. Renlita manufactures every opening at headquarters, delivers and installs finished pieces including finish, custom glass or cladding, and included service.

Concept To Completion

Bring the customers vision to reality

We do not limit ourselves to product or applications types. Delivering a product from concept to completion means that Renlita will work with you to design and deliver the product of your dreams. Our vertical lift openings are just the beginning of what Renlita delivers, and we will work with you from design concepts until installation is complete.


Safety is not an add on option; It is standard.

Renlita rises above industry standards to make sure that all of our products not only operate well, but also operate safely. Renlita Custom Opening Solutions provides standard safety features, photo eyes and automatic obstruction sensor standard in every door, window, or wall operating system. All models are designed to withstand high wind loads and impose minimally on existing building header structure. See our safety page for more information