Fail Safe Device

Renlita rises above industry standards to make sure that all of our products not only operate well, but also operate safely on our S-Series models that include the patented fail safe device! The device automatically engages and prevents door panel movement in the event of a counter balance system component failure. From the locked position, it is simple for the operator to manually lower the system into its closed position. Upon issue resolution, the fail safe device is automatically reset.

Patented fail safe device not included in A-750 Nufold, Sovereign, and shutters.

Photo Eyes

Every motorized Renlita opening is provided standard safety photo eyes that monitor the path of the door, window, or wall for obstructions. In the event of obstruction, the motor will reverse to the open position until the obstruction is cleared. Once cleared, the opening will lower into it's closed position and operate normally.

Automatic Obstruction Sensor

Every motorized Renlita vertical lifting door, window, or wall system is provided automatic obstruction sensors. As part of Renlita's standard safety package, obstruction sensors monitor the opening's operation. In the event that the door, window, or wall system makes contact with an obstruction, the motor will automatically reverse to the open position. This 360 degree safety coverage makes Renlita Custom Opening Solutions the safest in the bifold door industry.

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Minimal Lateral Building Loads

The support for our custom doors, windows, and walls comes through the side jambs of the opening; minimizing the impact on a buildings existing structure. Renlita Custom Opening Solutions vertical lifting operating systems do not impose a significant lateral load on the building and require no additional header steel structure. This properly balanced approach ensures a safe opening and provides for an elegant appearance.


Renlita Custom Opening Solutions superior designs are stable in high wind applications. Recent completion of Miami Dade hurricane testing on the S-Series door, window, and wall systems make Renlita the safest vertical opening solution in the industry, with the highest standards.

Safety In Design

Renlita Custom Opening Solutions incorporates the latest 3D design softwares, including BIM/REVIT,  that provides the ability to analyze and operate all components prior to fabrication and delivery. All counterbalance components utilized exceed ANSI and OSHA safety standards.

Renlita Research and Development Center is constantly testing and developing systems and components. Our vertical lifting door, window, and wall systems all exceeds 25,000 cycles of operation. Manually operable systems mean in event of a power failure to the opening, the system can be manually operated into the closed position.